Issue #620 - 2023-06-12 - Abandoned modules?

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Hi there

Mohammad asked me to the edition this week as well, so now you are stuck with me. Again :)

Last week I wrote about my offer to companies to help with the maintenance of open source Perl (and Python) libraries they rely on. One of the responses I got was from someone who wanted to help with abandoned modules in his free time. He asked me which modules are abandoned?

The PAUSE operating model mentions 3 special owners that can help identify modules that are up for adoption or otherwise need help. You can see the lists here: ADOPTME, HANDOFF, and NEEDHELP.

More details can be seen on the CPANMeta site: for example for the modules owned by ADOPTME

Another type of listing can be found on Meta::CPAN. e.g. the permissions of HANDOFF.

Finally, I've also started to create similar listings with a different view on modules that are up for adoption.

So if you have free time and would be interested to contribute to the Perl community, one way would be to pick up a module and start maintaining it. If you need help with that, let me know and I'll try to point you to the channels where you can get help.


On a more personal note, I just finished watching the mini-series A Small Light. It made me really sad and at the same time furious with all the self-declared 'humanitarians' who try to paint Israel as being similar to Nazi Germany. It is especially disgusting, and even frightening, when celebrities do it and tens of thousands of people celebrate them.


Anyway, enjoy your week!

Gabor Szabo


Why Perl?

by Chris

An ode to Perl. And a discussion about it.

On Venus, Moo(se), and Object::Pad (Corinna by proxy)

by Al Newkirk (AWNCORP)

This document is a succinct brain dump and stream of consciousness of some of the reasons Al Newkirk created Venus and decided to give it its own custom object system. (What I don't understand is why is this a gist and not a blog post somewhere where people usually read stuff.)

Perl Steering Council

This Week in PSC (109)

Today's PSC call was another pretty short one.

The Weekly Challenge

The Weekly Challenge by Mohammad Anwar will help you step out of your comfort-zone. You can even win prize money of $50 Amazon voucher by participating in the weekly challenge. We pick one winner at the end of the month from among all of the contributors during the month. The monthly prize is kindly sponsored by Peter Sergeant of PerlCareers.

The Weekly Challenge - 221

by Mohammad Sajid Anwar (MANWAR)

Welcome to a new week with a couple of fun tasks "Good Strings" and "Arithmetic Subsequence". If you are new to the weekly challenge then why not join us and have fun every week. For more information, please read the FAQ.

RECAP - The Weekly Challenge - 220

by Mohammad Sajid Anwar (MANWAR)

Enjoy a quick recap of last week's contributions by Team PWC dealing with the "Common Characters" and "Squareful" tasks in Perl and Raku. You will find plenty of solutions to keep you busy.

Squarefully Common

by Arne Sommer

Squared Shoulders

by Bruce Gray

Perl Weekly Challenge 220

by W Luis Mochan

Common squares

by Simon Green

PWC 220

by Stephen G Lynn


DNS over TCP

by Flavio Poletti (POLETTIX)

DNS over TCP has two added bytes for length. - Nothing to do with Perl really, but it is interesting to read about networking stuff.

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Perl and Koha

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