Issue #639 - 2023-10-23 - Standards of Conduct

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Hi there!

A couple of month ago, Mohammad, my co-editor, expressed his anxiety about travelling to TPRC while being called Mohammad. As I understood he was afraid of authorities: the security checks and the border control. He was not afraid of the conference itself.

I am not afraid of the authorities, but in the last couple of days I was wondering if I'd feel safe going to a Perl conference, so I checked the Standards of Conduct of The Perl and Raku Foundation. It says:

"...we are committed to providing a friendly, safe and welcoming environment for all, regardless of gender, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, disability, ethnicity, religion, or country of origin."

On one hand I think it is totally unnecessary to have this list, the environment should be welcoming to every person. On the other hand, if the list was already provided, then the omissions also have meaning.

I am glad it mentions 'country of origin', but it does not mention 'country of residence'. So will I, someone who was born in Hungary, but lives in Israel, will I be protected at such conference? Or will it be OK, as it happened in the past, that people came to me and harassed me because I live in Israel?

In the last two weeks many of my friends asked me how am I and how is my family. It made me start a new blog first in Hungarian and yesterday I started an English version. If you are interested in my view then you are welcome to read those posts and subscribe to the newsletters to be notified when I publish a articles.

Earlier some people suggested I create a separate newsletter for my Rust-releated content. At first I was not sure about that, but I think they are right. So here it is. You are invited to subscribe to Rust Maven!

Have a nice week!

Gabor Szabo


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Let’s Functionalize the #$%@# Out of This One

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Nothing But Strings

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Adagio for frayed knots

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PWC239 - Same String

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Proper verbose solution in Perl. Thanks for sharing.

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Short Solutions for Short Strings

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Well documented and thoroughly discussed solutions. Great work, keep it up.

Now it’s the same old string, but with consistency since you’ve been gone…

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The one about regular expressions

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