Issue #643 - 2023-11-20 - My birthday wishes

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Hi there!

Yesterday was my birthday. Usually we go out for a dinner with my family, but this time it did not feel appropriate, we are not really in the mood of celebrations. Then I realized this year I'd like you, dear readers, to do me a favor, read my birthday wishes and help make them come true! Please, don't send a mail with Happy Birthday in it unless you read my wished and can also comment on them. Thank you!

I mentioned earlier that I struggle finding Perl-related content to include. Last week I looked more thoroughly at the content of what Mohammad sent and I had to realize that the vast majority of the posts are in the Weekly challenge section. There are hardly any other posts. So I was happy to receive a request from Roy Schestowitz to mention the article about A Perl-Based Static Site and Gemini Capsule Generator: The Story of and

In other news I am really glad by all the people who subscribed to my newsletter about Rust. Is is growing at a nice pace. My other newsletter about Israel also got quite a few new subscribers. Even the one in Hungarian about Israel grew. If you are interested in either of these topics and would like to know what I think about them, then subscribe now!

If you would like to stick to Perl, then I'd like to recommend checking out the 2024 TPRC Science Track Survey and the calls to volunteer at FOSDEM.

Enjoy your week!

Gabor Szabo


A Perl-Based Static Site and Gemini Capsule Generator: The Story of and

I have no idea what is a Gemini capsule, but Roy the author contacted me and then wrote a blog post I can link to. So here it is.

Horror Movie Month 2023

by Ricardo Signes (RJBS)

I guess there is nothing to do with Perl in this, and I personally don't like horror movies, but I love to see the passion of Ricardo and that he makes all this public.

Hai Julia !

by Herbert Breunung (LICHTKIND)

First I thought he is writing about the programming languages, but apparently not. He just released an application called Juliagraph for drawing Mandelbrot and Julia fractals.

Which language should I use?

Is Perl still relevant? ask the author, tags the question with perl. Is there anyone in the Perl community who would want to comment on this?

Final Call - 2024 TPRC Science Track Survey

Survey officially closes on Thursday, November 23, 2023.


The Weekly Challenge

The Weekly Challenge by Mohammad Anwar will help you step out of your comfort-zone. You can even win prize money of $50 Amazon voucher by participating in the weekly challenge. We pick one winner at the end of the month from among all of the contributors during the month. The monthly prize is kindly sponsored by Peter Sergeant of PerlCareers.

The Weekly Challenge - 244

by Mohammad Sajid Anwar (MANWAR)

Welcome to a new week with a couple of fun tasks "Count Smaller" and "Group Hero". If you are new to the weekly challenge then why not join us and have fun every week. For more information, please read the FAQ.

RECAP - The Weekly Challenge - 243

by Mohammad Sajid Anwar (MANWAR)

Enjoy a quick recap of last week's contributions by Team PWC dealing with the "Reverse Pairs" and "Floor Sum" tasks in Perl and Raku. You will find plenty of solutions to keep you busy.

Reverse Pairs on the Floor

by Adam Russell

Use of do..for construct? Really cool, thanks for sharing.


by Ali Moradi

Keep it short and simple, nice. Good job, keep it up.

Reverse Floor

by Arne Sommer

The exevution of verbose mode is really fun. Thanks for your contributions as always.

Sweeping the floor

by Bob Lied

Love the process of making the solutions better. Incredible, keep sharing.

Walking The Floor Over You

by Dave Jacoby (JACOBY)

Good use case of CPAN module, smart move. Well done.


by Ian Rifkin

A complete command line solution, yet simple. Good job and thanks for sharing.

Perl Weekly Challenge: Week 243

by Jaldhar H. Vyas

Raku once again showing off the power. This is really usefull to someone new to Raku. Thanks for your consistent support.

Count the Pairs on the Floor

by Jorg Sommrey

PDL is in action. Just love it, you don't want to miss it.

Perl Weekly Challenge 243: Reverse Pairs

by Laurent Rosenfeld

Good decision of keeping it simple and not going overboard. Well done.

Perl Weekly Challenge 243: Floor Sum

by Laurent Rosenfeld

Great commentary on the use of 'combinations' of Raku. Highly recommended.

map and grep to the rescue!

by Luca Ferrari

Compact solutions in Raku. Don't forget we got Python as bonus too. Thanks for everything.

Perl Weekly Challenge 243

by W Luis Mochan

PDL used in one-liner this week. Thank you for your support and contributions.

ComPAIRisons, optimized

by Matthias Muth

Thanks for sharing the power of Perl functional features. Simply the best.

Three of a Reverse Sum Pair

by Packy Anderson (PACKY)

Musical background to this week solutions. Wow, this is truly incredible.

Pairs on the floor

by Peter Campbell Smith

A very different and unique approach to solve the task. You should definitely checkout.

The Weekly Challenge #243

by Robbie Hatley

Simple use of 2-loops is good enough. Sweet simple solutions.

Pairs on the Floor

by Roger Bell West (FIREDRAKE)

User defined creation for combinations in language that don't support natively. Highly recommended.

Weekly Challenge 243

by Simon Green

straight forward solutions in Perl and Python like everyweek. You don't want to miss it.

Weekly collections

Perl Jobs by Perl Careers

UK Remote Perl Programmer for Leading Enterprise Tech Publication

Our client is a global leader in the enterprise technology publishing industry, providing audiences worldwide with stimulating perspectives and unique news on enterprise tech that matters today and tomorrow. They are seeking a talented Perl programmer to manage the full life-cycle of software projects on a remote basis.

Modern Perl and positive team vibes. UK Remote Perl role

If you’re a Modern Perl developer in the UK with TypeScript or Node and you’re searching for a team of dynamos, we’ve found the perfect place for you. This award-winning company may be newer, but the combined experience of their people is impressive. No doubt this is one of the many reasons their AI recruitment marketing business has taken off!

Perl Programmer Opportunity - Join a Prominent Tech Publishing Powerhouse in the Philippines

Our UK-based client is a global leader in the enterprise technology publishing industry, providing audiences worldwide with stimulating perspectives and unique news on enterprise tech that matters today and tomorrow. They are currently seeking a passionate and exceptional Perl programmer based in the Philippines to join their team.

Adventure! Senior Perl roles in Malaysia, Dubai and Malta

Clever folks know that if you’re lucky, you can earn a living and have an adventure at the same time. Enter our international client: online trading is their game, and they’re looking for Perl people with passion, drive, and an appreciation for new experiences.

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