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Another week with lots of entries added by Yanick++

Yanick Champoux


13 Things People Hate about Your Open Source Docs

by Andy Lester (PETDANCE)

Andy Lester breaks out the bad news (and by the same token give us 13 things we can work on to let the love flow).

Catalyst Advent Wrap Up And Thoughts

by John Napiorkowski (JJNAPIORK)

You missed the Catalyst advent calendar the first time around? John Napiorkowski gives you a second chance to dig into that annual Holidays gift, and as a bonus provides a best of of all previous years.

Perl: To be, or not to be?

Two contradicting posts came out in a very short time span. Is Perl dead yet?

Everybody is doing it

by Sebastian Willing (SEWI)

Sebastian Willing got frustrated (again?) by the people who think Perl is dead.

Perl is not Dead, it is a Dead End - Welcome Moe

Steven Little is know to be crazy and genius and also the creator of Moose. He published his slides from the Perl Oasis ranting about Perl, what else. The slides are full of vampires. If that frightens you, you can read the Reddit discussion. On a second thought, maybe I'd go for the vampires...

How Forking Perl 5 Could Work

The rant, err, I mean commentary of chromatic on how he thinks this whole forking thing could work out. Or not.

Quality Assurance

Improving the Tools

mdk announces that the Perl Quality Assurance website is now live, and that the next QA Hackaton will take place between the 12th and 14th of April.


Announcing Apache::BalancerManager

Using Apache as a load balancer? Then you might look at the new API fREW concocted for its balancer manager.

A quick static file webserver

by Joel Berger (JBERGER)

Joel Berger shows us how many lines it takes to have Mojolicious serve a directory and all its children as a static files. Spoiler: it's under ten.

Arriba - PSGI Web Server with SPDY Support

Michal Wojciechowski had some free time during the Holidays. In his case, this resulted in a first beta version of Arriba, a PSGI web server implementing the SPDY protocol. This is 2013, welcome to the future.

Dist::Zilla::LocaleTextDomain for Translators

Want to make the life of the translators working on your module easier? Then David Wheeler's Dist::Zilla::LocaleTextDomain is probably something you want to look into.

Shipped Perl::Build 0.01!

by Tokuhiro Matsuno

tokuhirom released a first version of Perl::Build, which seems to be a programmatic sibling of the more cli-oriented perlbrew.

MetaCPAN web service API supports JSON callbacks

by Tokuhiro Matsuno

Sometimes, language is not even a barrier. One look at the code snippet of tokuhirom's blog entry is assured to make you go 'aaaaah....'.


Introduction to building CPAN distributions

by David Oswarld (DAVIDO)

Slides of the 30 minutes to CPAN talk given by David Oswald at the Thousand Oaks Perl Mongers.

Any::Moose deprecated

As Shawn M Moore (SARTAK) wrote, use Moo instead. According to MetaCPAN, currently there are 194 CPAN distributions depending on Any::Moose.

The license and the repository of Perl modules on CPAN

by Gabor Szabo (SZABGAB)

Calling all the CPAN authors to update the META information of their packages including the license field and the link to the repository where they develop the code. If there is one.

Perl 6

A Bunch of Rakudo News

The winter vacation is over. The Perl 6 developers are back with blog posts and news!

Perl Tutorial

Automatic string to number conversion or casting in Perl

It can be surprising at first, but it works the same as you do when you read your shopping list.

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