Issue #78 - 2013-01-21 - Heads in the Cloud

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Howdie, Yanick speaking here. Gabor is out on a well-deserved vacation, and left me the keys of the PerlWeekly. The fool.

Yanick Champoux


headgrep : keep the head, and grep the rest

joris joris presents us a small utility script mashing the functionality of the venerable 'head' and 'grep' tools together.

Galileo 0.012 released!

by Joel Berger (JBERGER)

A new CMS system hits the shelves, Joel Berger announces. Galileo is very simple, and very pretty. But don't take my word for it, give it a whirl!

Lock::File - yet another file locking module

by Vyacheslav Matyukhin

A new file locking module enters the CPAN fray: Vyacheslav Matyukhin's Lock::File.

Ask not what your user can do for you...

by Toby Inkster (TOBYINK)

Toby Inkster introduces 'Ask', a new module that does its darnedest to interact with the user. No interactive prompt? I'll try to use Tk, Wx, Gtk2 or even zenity widgets to get its questions across. And it's meant to be easily extended, so that if everything else fails, you can still write your own ESP plugin.


Here comes some serious competition for Acme::Magic::Pony. Nicholas Perez introduces CloudPAN, which makes installing (pure perl) modules on local machines a thing of the past.


Worth a Consideration

by John Napiorkowski (JJNAPIORK)

The aftermaths of Stevan Little's talk at the Orlando Perl Workshop continue to be felt. Here, it's John Napiorkowski's turn to muse on what was said, and what it means for the future.

Encouraging newcomers to stick with Perl

With the "Perl's a Dead-End" wails still ringing in our ears, Adam Taylor muses what we have to offer to attract new blood, beside echo chambers filled with zombies. And raptors.


Running a Mojolicious non-lite app on a cPanel VPS server

If you want to do it, Rob Hammond provides instructions how to make it happen.

Dancer Goes Megasplat

Yanick re-heats some Perl Advent leftovers and revisits the Dancer megasplat operator.

Where is your HEAD?

I tell you HTTP requests and you immediatly think GET and POST, and perhaps PUT, DELETE and all the rest of the REST gang. But what about poor HEAD? Sebastian reminds us about these oft-forgotten requests.

How can I install all favorited distributions from CPAN?

by Tokuhiro Matsuno

Straight-up question, to which tokuhirom provides a straight-up answer.

Wrapping Existing Code without Anonymous Functions

Anonymous functions are a handy way to wrap code, but hardly the only one. chromatic shows us one of the alternatives.


Perl 5 Core Maintenance Fund Status

by Dan Wright (DWRIGHT)

Interested in the financial details of the Perl Foundation? Dan Wright has the numbers for you.

Perl 6

A quick JVM backend update

Wherein a NQP frontend is plugged into a QAST to JVM backend. Which is a good thing. ... I think.

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