Issue #82 - 2013-02-18 - Valentine Day's Gone, The Love Remains.

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Hi there,

I was about to prepare this issue when I noticed that Yanick has done all the work already. So I only added a few entries and the sponsors. Actually there were others who asked being a sponsor, but I think for now I'll stay with two. While they are quite relevant to you, dear readers, but this newsletter the content must be the primary focus. ~ Gabor


Yanick Champoux


MediaMath is hiring Perl Developers: Are you tired of Perl 'scripting'?

Come join an innovative talented engineering department where you can do some serious Perl programming in a great development environment with clean codebase that is not slapped together. If interested in learning more please contact Marc Spinowitz, Recruiter at MediaMath at or 646-532-5914

Now hiring 25 Perl Developers at in Amsterdam (relocation + visa included)

Do you want to solve real problems of scale involving thousands of servers with various subsystems all deployed multiple times a day? And do you want to work on the largest Perl codebases in the world? Join in Amsterdam. Do awesome things.


YAPC::NA Ideas

Have ideas or wishes for talks and events at YAPC::NA? Here's an interface where any suggestion can be dropped in and voted on.

YAPC::NA Quick Update

124 peoples already registered for YAPC::NA. What are you waiting for?

A much faster DBIx::Class public trial - v0.08240

by Peter Rabbitson (RIBASUSHI)

Peter Rabbitson pushed out new version of DBIC 'which *should not* eat your data'. Go, try it!


How to create a Perl Module for code reuse?

So you've been writing scripts, and feel you are now ready to graduate to modules and CPAN? Good. Gabor is there to show you the ropes.

Notes from a Newbie Experiment 02: DBIx::Class

j0e is working on a web site based on Catalyst. He's also a self-proclaimed newbie, and shares with us notes his notes on his learning journey. In this episode, he tackles DBIx::Class.

Scalar found where operator expected

Interpreter error messages, they can be cryptic at times. But despair not, for Gabor will gently walk you through common perl error messages and their typical causes.


Why I Use Perl...and Will Continue to Do So

Sammy Esmail has been using Perl since 1999, and doesn't plan on stop using it anytime soon.


Benchmarking HTML entity encoding

by brian d foy (BDFOY)

brian d foy is on a benchmarking mission. Showcasing his new Surveyor::App, he confirms that for the task of html encoding, HTML::Escape really lets HTML::Entities eat its dust.

(Mis)adventures in benchmarking

Benchmarking is a tricky business. brian d foy illustrates the point very well, building on observations of David Golden where the performance of the very same code can be seen to vary wildly in function of its execution order.


Making Simple Things Easy

Web scraping pdf files and aggregating them in a single document? Yanick shows how to leverage CPAN modules to do it in 11 lazy lines of code.

Reimplementing the iDoneThis memory service

Using the web service IDoneThis? Well, Paul Fenwick does, and his new WebService::Idonethis opens the gates to new, nice cli shortcuts for it.

Playing with Play Perl

Social sites and widgets go together like boyscouts and badges. Yanick plays around and hacks together a quick and dirty server-side widget for Play Perl.

Mark your modules as adoptable if you don't want them

by brian d foy (BDFOY)

If you love something, set it free. That also applies to modules, brian d foy reminds us, and shows us how to put your old modules to adoption.

A new protocol for sending files over websockets

by Joel Berger (JBERGER)

In a spin-off of the Galileo CMS project, Joel Berger introduces GalileoSend, a new protocol for sending files over websockets.


MongoDB. WebSockets. Mojolicious. Pure awesomeness at web scale, baby.


Ivan Bessarabov, as many, doesn't like useless whitespaces littering his code. So he created a new test module thatcan only be described as the new natural enemy of Acme::Bleach.

CPAN release of App::Git::Ribbon, App::Git::Spark

Remember those cool scripts from Eric Johnson? They are now on CPAN!

Web Scraping with Perl & PhantomJS

Sometimes, straight LWP::Simple web scraping won't do. In those cases, Selenium with a browser was usually the way to go. But now Rob Hammond brings our attention to a new contender, PhantomJS, which bypass the need of a browser altogether.

Galileo on IRC

by Joel Berger (JBERGER)

Want to discuss Galileo, the new shiny Perl-based CMS? Or poke its author, Joel Berger, directly? Well, rejoice, for it now has its very own IRC channel to do exactly that.

Building pluggable backends with Moo

So, your codebase is using Moo and structured around plugins. Sounds like a scenario where the power of roles could be leveraged, doesn't it? Diab Jerius thought so too.


Play Perl is more popular than!

by Vyacheslav Matyukhin

Somewhere, the ghost of John Lennon is facepalming and muttering "shouldn't have said that, mate". But Vyacheslav Matyukhin has every reason to preen. Play-Perl first week has been a fantastic one, and the service sure caught the eye of many. Flash in the pan, or the birth of the next big thing? History will tell. But in the meantime, no-one can argue against the fact that, yeah, we could all use a little bit of play.


About the Grants Committee

by Alberto Simões (AMBS)

Alberto Simões reports that, and wonders why, there has been no grant proposal submited to the Perl Foundation in the last six months.


The Perl Renaissance

Paul Fenwick. Talking about Perl at 2013. 'nuff said.

Perl 6

Pattern Matching and Unpacking

No, not that kind of pattern matching. Moritz Lentz shows us method signatures in the context of Perl 6.

Red-Black Trees in Perl 6 Explained

by Curtis 'Ovid' Poe (OVID)

Ovid took the solution from Rosetta Code and first explained what Red-Black Trees are and how they can be implemented in Perl 6.

Perl 6

A surprising post by Wendy van Dijk on the JosetteOrama describing Perl 6 to a lot of people who usually don't hear about Perl.


Training Debrief

by Dave Cross (DAVECROSS)

Dave Cross summarizing his latest experience running the almost free 'Perl School'.

Weekly collections


I usually list the next 3-4 events here. The list of all the events can be found on the web site. If your Perl event is not listed there, please let me know.

Israeli Perl Workshop 2013 (ILPW)

February 25, 2013, Tel Aviv, Israel

German Perl Workshop 2013

March 13-15, 2013, Berlin, Germany

Swiss Perl Workshop 2013

March 22, 2013, Bern, Switzerland

Dutch Perl Workshop 2013

April 19, 2013, Arnhem, The Netherlands

Polish Perl Workshop 2013

May 25-26, 2013, Warsaw, Poland

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