Issue #97 - 2013-06-03 - It's YAPC::NA Time!

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As you are reading this, a vast contingent of the Perl community, including PerlWeekly's very own overlord (hi Gabor!), will already have undergone their yearly migration to the North American edition of YAPC. From Monday to Wednesday, a teeming mass of perl hackers will haunt the streets of sunny Austin, Texas. Wish you were there? Then do the next best things: lurk in the #yapc channel of, and watch the conference website for announcements of live streaming. ~ Yanick

Yanick Champoux


We're Hiring Telecommuters - Grant Street Group

We're a growing software company using open source software/modern Perl practices to build innovative e-payment, auction, and tax collection web applications.
We're looking for talented, motivated professionals committed to flawless work and customer service.
Email resume:


Announcing the Perl Companies project

VM Brasseur and Jeff Thalhammer had a chat earlier this month and mused how nice it'd be to have a place listing all companies using Perl. And now, tadah, say 'hi!' to the Perl Companies project.

My Pro-Tips for YAPC First-Comers

Yanick is a hardened veteran of, uh, 2 YAPCs. Still, he offers some advices to YAPC first-timers on things to do to optimize their conference experience.


On the importance of localisation

You think you have it hard with localisation? services deal with over forty languages. Simona Lazarovici shares with us how they get around dealing with this impressive tower of Babel.

Paying respect to Module::Build

by David Golden (DAGOLDEN)

David Golden proposed earlier this month to move Module::Build out of Perl 5 core. He explains here his rationale, and provides a comprehensive overview of what Module::Build managed to achieve (which is a lot), and what weaknesses proved to be its Achilles's heels.

If there's a shortage of programmers, why aren't wages up?

by Curtis 'Ovid' Poe (OVID)

Peoples bemoans that good programmers are hard to find, yet our wages aren't going through the roof. What's up with that? Ovid looks at the various factors that are in play in the equation.

The Design of Four

by Jeffrey Kegler (JKEGL)

'ack', 'cpanm', 'local::lib', 'perlbrew'. Four tools that do one thing, and do it exceedingly well. Jeffrey Kegler muses for a few instants on their streamlined design, and discusses on how they can be taken as examples of exquisitely effective interfaces.


Using Perl in the Real World (Cookbook)

rlauer laments the lack of Perl one-stop cookbook focusing on interacting with the big applications -- Google Docs, Flickr, Amazon, etc -- out there, and wonders if a wiki or a collaborative venture shouldn't be organized to fill that void.


How I manage new perls with perlbrew

by David Golden (DAGOLDEN)

Perl 5.10, 5.12, 5.14, 5.16, 5.18, and all their patch versions... There sure are a lot of perls out there. Even more if you play with the development versions. But thanks to perlbrew and cpanm, compiling a wide selection of them is fairly easy. David Golden walks us through the handful of scripts and tricks he uses to make managing the herd even easier.

Type::Tiny rescues Moo

by Joel Berger (JBERGER)

Joel Berger gives three cheers for Type::Tiny, which allows for a more homogenous type management throughout the Moo / Moose / Mouse ecosystem.

Visualizing Dependencies On Stratopan

by Jeffrey Thalhammer (THALJEF)

Jeff Thalhammer whets our appetite on an upcoming feature of Stratopan: a dependency-visualizing graph that is quite snazzy-looking.

given & smartmatch in Perl 5.18

by Thomas Klausner (DOMM)

So the smartmatch has been sort of deprecated in perl 5.18. Turns out that the official documentation showing how to silence its warnings has a small error. domm shows us the corrected version (alongside some legit and sane uses of smartmatch).

Catalyst Sicilian Buttercup Update

by John Napiorkowski (JJNAPIORK)

John Napiorkowski gives us a quick update on the current development cycle of Catalyst. He's also at YAPC::NA, and might organize a Catalyst hackaton. If you are there and interested, keep your ears peeled during the lightning talks.

Perl 6

MoarVM: A virtual machine for NQP and Rakudo

A brand new project surfacing on the Perl 6 front. It is still in an early stage, but it might be worthwhile watching in the upcoming months.

Weekly Collections


French Perl Workshop 2013

June 14-15, 2013, Nancy, France

YAPC::EU 2013

August 12-14, 2013, Kiev, Ukraine

YAPC::Asia Tokyo

September 19-21, 2013, Keio University Hiyoshi Campus, Tokyo, Japan

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